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  • Name : Telegram Group Scraper
  • Version :4.7.1
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Telegram Grroup Scraper
  • Price : $97
  • Homepage : SalePage

 Telegram Scraper is an excellent tool for exporting competitor group and channel members and add them to your own group or channel.Telegram marketing is easier and a cost-effective method for promoting your business and services. The gathering of niche-based audience via scrapping complies fully with telegram’s terms of services 2021 API.


  • 1. It is necessary to create a Telegram API before scraping by logging into using your registered contact details.
  • 2. On the menu bar, there will be an option called API. You have to click on the API development tools and fill in the required details.
  • 3. Give an app name of your choice and click on submit.
  • 4. You will receive a telegram api_id and telegram api_hash on the next screen. These details have to be saved as they help you to log into Telegram API.
  • 5. Telegram telethon has to be installed in your system for proceeding with further steps. Telethon is a MT Proto API Telegram client library that works via Python 3. It acts as a source of interaction with Telegram API. Telethon ha both async and sync modules but async module is a preferred choice.
  • 6. Sync modules from Telethon Library has to be imported.
  • 7. Clients object has to be initiated using the credentials saved earlier. If your account is not yet authorised, an authorisation one-time password would be sent to your Telegram account.
  • 8. After logging in, a .session extension file has to be created.
  • 9. Create a list of all the Telegram groups and channels that fall under your niche. While creating a list, focus on mega or super groups.
  • 10. Two functions have to be created- GetDialogsRequest and InputPeerEntry.
  • 11. A number has to given as an input and the required group has to be selected.
  • 12. This would give you a list of Telegram group members or channel subscribers. This data can be stored as a CSV or text file for adding subscribers or members.
Telegram Group Scraper 4.7.1

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